Colonia Itapebí – Re-established 2018

Biblioteca Móvil Fundación E.dúcate - Colonia Itapebí - Resiembra 2018

The numbers of this campaign:

Delivered books
480 Delivered books
Children Benfited
276 Benefited children
Schools Reached
11 Schools reached

In 2018 in Colonia Itapebí, epicenter of the Boockpack Library of the Department of Salto, the first reseeding was carried out in this Department.

All the books that integrated the backpacks were replaced and updated so that the 276 children that make up the 11 schools had access to 480 new recreational books differentiated according to reading level.

This renovation was of great contribution to the educational community, since in the schools so far, there are no libraries in loan modality. With the delivery of these books we invite both parents and teachers to commit even more to this project that for years has developed the love for reading, at school and in homes.

This campaign was made possible thanks to the support of: