Bookpack library

The future is happening now, and everywhere.

Thousands of children in rural schools, spread all across our country, are building their future, and that of us all.

Given the difficulty of accessing educational resources, how can we gather sufficient quality books and teaching materials in the most efficient manner possible?

The challenge is complex.
The answer is simple.
The solution includes us all.

From e.dúcate we want to support the children. We wish to provide them, along with their parents and teachers, the best tools to build that future.

A very simple idea occurred to us.
It was small and wonderful, much like the children: “Where there is a child, there should be a book.”.

That is how Bookpack Library was born. It is a project of community which, since its inception, seeks to generate empathy, create constructive links within our society, and build bridges to our future.

Bookpack Library strives to get parents more involved in the schools, to help teachers create collaborative networks, and to develop new opportunities for those in rural communities.

And for this, the books are excellent tools:

They bring light.
They destroy walls.
They build bridges.
They expand borders.
They can make visible the invisible.
They encourage travel.
They allow the discovery of new worlds.
They invite children to create culture.

We are not alone in this endeavor:

We count on the teachers.
We count on the parents.
We are counting on you.