About us

We are specialists in pedagogy, educational technology, social policies, and education. We focus on the use of our knowledge in creating tangible solutions to disrupt unsuccessful educational cycles, while focusing on how children best learn.

We work in an environment with continuous improvement in the design and implementation of social projects linked to children in vulnerable social-cultural situations who have minimal opportunities to access the type of education that would allow them to prosper.

We strengthen ourselves with action networks, as well as national and international knowledge.

We are passionate about the academic work, as well as with meeting the children of our rural schools face to face. We wish to know and connect with them, as well as to learn from them and to better understand their world. We aspire to illuminate new worlds together.

We are teachers.
We are specialists.
We are parents.
We are students.
We are many.

Our arms are always open, and we are always ready to accept someone else.

We tell incredible stories. We count on you..


Cecilia de la Paz

General Manager

Founder of e.dúcate Uruguay. Master with Master in Communication and Electronic Media. International experience in management and development of educational technology and communication projects. She has led educational impact projects with the use of technology nationwide for Plan CEIBAL. Between 2014 and 2015, she led the RED Learning Program for Uruguay. He works for NPDL (New Pedagogies of Deep Learning) a project that brings together seven countries seeking changes in how it is taught internationally. Researcher at the National Agency for Research and Innovation.

Twitter: @cecieducate

Mónica Girolami

Operational Director

PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Brasilia – Centro de Pesquisa e Pos-graduação das Américas. Specialist in comparative methodology education and poverty. She is currently Professor of the Department of Human Sciences: of the Catholic University of Uruguay and Researcher of the National Agency for Research and Innovation -ANII. She conducted seminars on comparative methodology at the Doctorate of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. She has extensive experience in different Non-Governmental Organizations in Latin America carrying out design, implementation and evaluation of social projects related to education and social inclusion.

Victoria Bonilla

Project Manager

Degree in Communication Sciences from the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Uruguay. Degree in Psychology, from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of the Republic. Certification in Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Disorders and Educational Psychology, by the Faculty of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Creator of two communication projects that integrated design, technology and marketing. One of them received support and recognition from the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII). She has participated in research projects related to education, development and socio-community realities policies of the UdelaR School of Psychology.

Cecilia Borche

Educational Resources Manager

She has a long career as an educational tutor for children and adolescents, performing tasks of stimulation, monitoring and support in performing school and extracurricular tasks. She has also worked in technology companies performing management tasks.